Ethnic LGBT+ is a free online community resource centred on the belief that stories save lives. A lack of resources addressing both sexuality and cultural issues faced by ethnic LGBT+ Australians can lead to greater risk of mental health disorders, especially among youth.

Ethnic LGBT+ is the first of it’s kind in Australia by seeking to provide ethnic LGBT Australians with resources that address the specific challenges they may face. For example, how to respond to questions of arranged marriage or gender-specific cultural traditions. Ethnic LGBT+ needs you. It needs you as a member of the ethnic LGBT+ community or to send to those you know who are in this space to share your/their stories so as a community those in the ethnic LGBT+ space can feel connected and supported in our diverse Australia. Stories can be shared anonymously, the important thing is that your story is shared. To share your story or to encourage those in your networks to, head to Please note ethnic is defined and understood as a population subgroup with a common national or cultural tradition within a larger national or cultural group. Your privacy will always be respected. Your story will save lives.

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