What is your new normal?

Over these next two days, I have the opportunity to attend Myriad – a start-up – investor conference to learn from successful Australian start-ups, meet international investors and gain inspiration from my fellow change-makers. The lesson that stuck with me most today was ‘What is your new normal?’

Holly and David (featured in the photo) talked about what it meant to think global and the point they kept coming back to was what was your normal? What did you surround yourself with? What thoughts did you fill your head with? What vision were you telling yourself? Highlight, that some people might think your vision is too big and others not big enough. Realise that what you consider  ‘normal’ is completely dependent on your exposure. So I encourage you to go expose yourself to the global world and dream as big as you can because soon that becomes very normalised and you’re kicking over milestones you wouldn’t have dreamt possible in your old surrounds.

Creating your own business, founding your own start-up is a marathon. Start building your support network around you – tell your friends, your family, your partner. Save up so you can allow yourself the space to create. Solve a real problem. Make a difference in this world. Start training. Create your new normal.

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