What to create today?

‘Creative’ is a not a word I have associated with myself. Hard-working, clever, ambitious, optimistic – yes, these are words I am more comfortable owning. Yet, here I find myself in a position that I have created to be completely creative.

Since learning the word in Grade 4, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur (I learned to spell properly it a lot later). Two degrees, an honours year, 1 full time job, numerous volunteering hours, I have finally decided to stop and follow this dream of self-created autonomy.

So here I am, with enough savings to support myself comfortably for 18 months as I prepare travel around Australia to create. To create something that will support this lifestyle I want. My control over my time. To go hiking when I want. To be by my partner’s side. To bake in the afternoon. This is success in my eyes.

And all I have to do it start. Trust in the process and start. Because, the worse that could happen is that I don’t try. And I’m done with not trying.

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